Founder Elise Gabriel conceived the idea for Paradox while traveling in Morocco, when she turned to local organic beauty secrets to repair her tired skin and hair. At the time, Elise was balancing a full-time advertising agency job, and a rapidly growing fashion/beauty blog which had her constantly traveling.

Although she tried to take great care of her skin, her demanding lifestyle and harsh, toxic products took their toll and caused her tremendous trouble in the form of breakouts, dryness, and rashes. Elise grew increasingly frustrated that her drawers full of expensive skin care products seemed ineffective.

While in Morocco, she saw that though Moroccan women lived in a harsh, desert climate, they had the most beautiful skin she’d ever seen. She dug into their secrets and discovered their routines were simple and rooted in pure, organic ingredients. Before heading home, she stocked up on various ingredients and began making her own blends in her tiny San Francisco kitchen shortly after returning home.  

This experience changed Elise's skin and launched her into an obsessive global search for the world’s best clean and organic beauty secrets - the beginnings of Paradox. 

Used that glorious Paradox beauty oil this morning. Holy crap. my skin feels so soft.
— Rachel Richardon, 32