The Best Beauty Tips for Beautiful Makeup/ Skin in Photos


"my makeup and dewy skin is not translating into the Insta-worthy selfie I’m trying to take! "



I’m gonna be real with you: my selfie game — not where I want it to be and its a real problem. IRL I’m looking great and feeling fab, but for some reason my makeup and dewy skin is not translating into the Insta-worthy selfie I’m trying to take! *sighhhhhhhhhhh* Don’t lie, you’ve been there too.

Luckily for me, the same week I was thinking about this, I got asked to help out on a Paradox photoshoot and jumped at the chance to go! While on set, I took the opportunity to discuss my dilemma with some of the models — and whoa — these girls know their makeup and skincare game.

Here’s some selfie wisdom to pass on:

1 / Ice, ice baby

Here’s a cool trick for rested eyes. Before you go to bed, run an ice cube around your face and eyes until it melts. The cold water will close your pores and reduce any puffiness under your eyes so you can get up the next morning looking awake, even if you don’t actually feel awake.

2 / Enhance your lashes

Warm up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer to give your lashes a better curl. This will help hold the curl much longer! The heat on the eyelash curler acts as a hair styling tool, giving your lashes a lasting curled effect. Be sure apply a hefty amount of mascara to make your lashes really stand out in your photos.

3/ Brighten your eyes

If your eyes get easily irritated and red throughout the day, carry around red-reducing eye drops to brighten your eyes in your pictures. Most of the time, I don’t realize my eyes are getting red and this can be because of my allergies or lack of sleep.

4/ Line them up!

Try out a lip liner that’s close to your natural shade and line your cupid’s bow to really enhance your lip shape. Then, go over with a gloss to make your lips look even more plump in your pictures!

5/ Concealer is key!

Finding the right concealer can be difficult, but once you do it will become your best friend. If your concealer is too light, the flash from a picture may create a white ring around your eyes. If it’s too dark, it could cause your undereyes to have dark circles. Banana Concealer (typically found in the Anastasia Contour Cream Kit in Medium) is a correcting concealer that conceals dark circles without blinding the camera.

6/ Contour… more than just your face

This one may seem odd - but if you’re looking for a little more definition, don’t be afraid to contour your chest area and your collar bones. Then, if you’re really feeling risky, highlight your boobs and shoulders. Don’t knock it until you try it!

7/ Thick brows are happy brows

If you normally don’t fill in your brows, darkening them up a little will make sure they don’t disappear when taking pictures. Start by filling in your brows with a pencil and adding just enough concealer on your brow bone to define your arches.

8/ Just wing it!

Add 2-3 individual fake lashes to the ends of your eyes for a more dramatic cat-eye effect without having to master liquid liner.

9/ Let your skin shine

Highlighting drops are all the rave for glowing skin. You can apply and blend a few drops of Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops before applying your foundation to give your face a luminous and luxurious look.




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- Composure magazine



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