The Proper and Simple Way to Layer Skincare


Complicated skincare?

So over it. 


A simple and easy morning skincare routine is the best way to start off your morning right (and your skin will thank you for it - just ask Bella Hadid). But getting started? Ugh - so overwhelming. You open your medicine cabinet (more like beauty cabinet), take a glance at your counter with more beautiful products; maybe you have a few Glossier serums, or some items from Kosas, maybe some Paradox too ;) And then you start wondering, ‘Am I using any of these products correctly? Which one goes first? Which one goes last? Should some only be at night?’ AKA - the struggles of being a beauty junkie.

Don’t worry - there is an order to this and let me tell you how you can make it as simple and efficient as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love  having some me time with my beauty products and absolutely appreciate a good 13 step Korean skincare routine, I mean who doesn’t? But let's face it, ain’t nobody got time for that. A girls got places and people to see. Cutting it down to the basics and keeping it simple is your best bet, your skin will thank you too.

It’s the golden rule - no matter how many products, you will always start from lightest to thickest. Think of it this way, if you were to apply thick products before lighter liquids, it can create a barrier that won’t allow any liquids or serums to sink into your skin. At that point, you wouldn’t be getting any of the benefits from the serum or liquid - and we definitely want that good stuff to sink into our skin. Your lighter products will be liquids like your toners, essences and serums, while your heavier products will be moisturizers, night creams, oils. Take note! A skincare routine is important when seeing results. It’s the best way to track how each product is benefiting your skin.

But first, we cleanse.

The first step to every skincare routine is cleansing. This is where the golden rule doesn’t apply. Whether you cleanse with a liquid, balm or oil, cleansing comes first. You want a clean canvas for the next steps by getting rid of any dirt and oils that accumulate throughout the day. I highly suggest double cleansing if you wore heavy makeup throughout the day - remember we, squeaky clean skin. ;) Wipe off with cotton or gauze pads and repeat until the pad comes off clean - you’d be surprised at how much make up you’ll see wipe off (eek!). Be aware of what ingredients works with your skin type. Personally, I love double cleansing with a milky consistency followed by a micellar water to get the extra boost of clean I need.  

Toner it up.

Toner? Pfft, totally not necessary, right? Not quite. If you want to keep the moisture on your skin from stripping away, toner is a must. Cleansers can make your skin feel clean, but they can also take away from the natural oils your skin produces. Here’s the run-down: you can start with a gentle toner if you have sensitive skin. Apply it by pressing it on to the skin with a cotton pad. Wait 1 whole minute - it’s very acidic, so it needs it’s alone time. Since my skin is sensitive, I like to use a toner with AHA or BHA, but I make sure my cleanser doesn’t have either of those two ingredients because it would just end up overwhelming my skin (a.k.a breakouts). Plus I know those two ingredients work best for me in a toner rather than a cleanser.

Saved by your favorite serum.

Go for water weight. I know choosing serums can be overwhelming because there is soooo many. The easiest way is to pick a serum is to find one that targets what you're specifically looking for like glowiness, fine lines, or hyper pigmentation. BTW - It’s totally fine if you have more than one serum in your routine. I highly recommend Vitamin C to be layered on last and I’ll tell you why. It does not play nice with other ingredients/chemicals, so don’t let your face be the battlefield. Wait 10 minutes! Remember, doesn’t play nice with others. You’ll know it’s time for the next step when it feels sticky vs. watery.

Lock it in with a moisturizer. 

So this can be a little confusing - moisturizer is not to moisturize your face (shocker). It’s actually made to lock in the moisture from your previous steps in your skincare routine, especially your serums. My favorite thing to do is warm up the product on my hands and press it onto my face. It feels more effective and gets more product into the skin. Don’t get overwhelmed! This is such a fun way to end your routine. I love a nice light moisturizer for day time since I get really oily by midday (natural glow heeeyy) and a thicker creamy base formula at night.

Eye Cream? Heck yes.

Is eye cream really necessary? The answer is yes! Protection = prevention. Eye cream can be used both day and night. Your ring finger is your go-to for this step. It applies less pressure and since the eye area is the most delicate area, less pressure and tugging is what you want to do. Dabbing the product around the eye is most beneficial especially if your seeing fine lines, because you want to get product in there too. I love to end this step with massaging around my eye with a slow gliding movement.

Finally! Face Mist and Sunscreen

Sunscreen is so important! But first, lock in all that product magic with a face mist. I know we talked about lightest to thickest is the golden rule, but a face mist is not so much of a product to target or prevent anything, it’s more of a shield to lock in everything. Just like your new best friend sunscreen. If you haven’t used sunscreen since your pool days , it’s time to start now in your routine. Lucky for you there are many choices of SPF from the traditional cream formula to drops, spray mist, even in makeup like liquid foundation to powder. It all depends on your preference and skin type. Say it with me now - protection equals prevention! And your skin will thank you for it ;)


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