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The beauty industry is so vast it’s almost impossible to keep up with. Luckily for us beauty junkies, we have amazing beauty bloggers (some who are even professionals in the beauty industry) to help us figure out just what works for us. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa, however, beauty blogs provide us with the opportunity to come to these conclusions and...even indulge in a couple hours of scrolling through Instagram. #Guilty. From reviewing products we want to hear about, filming tutorials, and giving advice on trends we want to be keeping up with, beauty bloggers are basically our best source for everything beauty (plus, who doesn’t spending a few hours watching a few shopping hauls).

We love to keep up with the big names in any industry, especially when we can relate to them. Get yourself your favorite snack, a glass of wine and learn about our favorite local Bay Area beauty bloggers! It’s a proud moment when someone from your city makes it big so why not support the local names? ;)

Keep up with these local beauty bloggers and I promise you won’t be disappointed. :)


Morgan is the Bay Area Beauty Blogger. She is a work-at-home mom, blogger, and even has a her own YouTube channel (how she does it all, I have no idea. #goals). She’ll give you honest reviews, easy to follow tutorials, outfit inspos, hook you up with some weekly deals and she’ll even recommend some fun spots to go to around the Bay Area, Oh, and BTW - she was also awarded one of Top 25 Lifestyle Blogs To Follow in 2018 and Top 100 American Beauty Bloggers. #bossbabe!


The Beauty Vanity dedicates itself to representing and celebrating the unique beauty of Asian American women. Based in the San Francisco area, it aims to give these women a sense of community by sharing beauty tips and routines as well as sharing opinions on their favorite products. Alyson began running The Beauty Vanity as a personal blog in 2011. Today, the blog has 7 contributing writers and serves as a space where Asian American women share their beauty inspo and advice.


If you love an aesthetically pleasing blog as much as I do, then you definitely have to check this one out. Jennifer created Just Add Glam as a way to show her own closet creations in hopes of being able to inspire others. Her blog has evolved over the past few years and now covers a range of topics, from beauty to gift guides and even menswear. Yes, menswear. How many beauty blogs do you see talking about menswear? Gotta keep our men in the loop of style too ;) Jennifer also recently began a new portion of her blog called the Glam Girls Collective, which aims to showcase inspiring women through interviews and profiles. Love seeing women support other women, #girlboss.



craft and couture

I guess you can say that this blog was an accident. Therese is a mommy, wife, Interior designer, digital content producer, social media editor and blogger (she might be the couture version of super woman). Craft and Couture was originally a way for her to put herself out there as a freelance interior designer but instead, she found herself and her real passion. Her blog now serves as her creative outlet for sharing, discovering, and exploring both beauty and fashion. To add to her creative elements in her blog, she also likes to delve into DIY’s while keeping true to her minimal style. She describes her blog as “easy modern elegance” and this is indeed a perfect way to describe it.

Makeup and Beauty Blog-Karen

Karen from Makeup And Beauty covers everything beauty from news to tips and even reviews (she’s a cat lover too so you’ll definitely see a few posts about her fierce feline). For all my ladies who are like me and love to splurge on some online shopping, Karen even has an online store where you can by things such as clothing and home decor. Karen is going 10 years strong with her blog and it only gets better with time. BRB, I have some online shopping to do ;)




Who are some of your fave beauty babes? Let us know in the comments! 


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