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"Just call me your bedtime fairy"

We all need a good beauty sleep

Crawling into bed is one of my favorite moments of the day — in fact, I’m pretty sure I received a 5 gold star-level honors award in kindergarten for my naptime skills. #Goals, right? In my adult life my love affair with sleep has only continued, however between balancing work, blogging, school, and a social life, I find it difficult to find time get a good night’s sleep. Either I don’t have enough time to sleep the number of hours I should, or when I do finally find time to sleep, I find it difficult to fall asleep because my brain is thinking about a million different things. I’m guessing many of you can identify with this.

Sound sleep is vital to human health for many reasons. When we sleep our entire body begins a process of healing and replenishment which results in higher brain functions (like concentration and memory), healthier skin, improved creativity, lower stress levels, as well as a longer life span. I think it’s needless to say — we all want all of dis goodness.

I’ve done the research, tried it myself and let me tell you — this stuff works like magic.

So just call me your bedtime fairy and let’s review what i learned. ;)

1 / Invest in a silk pillowcase.

This is my #1 tip for improving your beauty sleep. Silk pillowcases not only feel amazing (it’s like falling asleep on clouds - not joking), but they also avoid hair breakage and minimize wrinkles. I mean, who doesn’t want to fight wrinkles and get a luxurious night’s sleep? I know I do.

2 / Remove your makeup. Seriously, do it.

So, we all know we should remove our makeup before bed, but actually how many of us follow this beauty rule? I admit, I sometimes forget (or just don’t want to bother) and sprint straight towards my bed and catch some zzz’s. However, removing your makeup is an important step in your nighttime routine. You’ll sleep soooo much better knowing your skin is squeaky clean (and avoid those odd makeup marks on your pillow in the morning, eeek.)

3 / Aromatherapy really works.

If you haven’t heard of aromatherapy it does wonders. Lavender essential oils are your best friend for a better night’s sleep. It has calming and soothing properties that can help reduce stress (oh yes, bring it on) and smells amazing. Just apply it right under your ears and a tiny bit on your chest. Bonus tip - spritz a bit on your pillow for ultimate relaxation when you wake up in the morning.

4/ Nap smarter, not longer.

A little cat nap never hurt anyone, right? But listen to this - the best time to take a nap is from 1pm - 3pm. Experts say our circadian rhythm makes you feel alert in the morning, but after 11am it starts to drop - that’s when you feel that energy slump. Ugh! Don’t worry, use this to your advantage and take a quick nap if you can. I normally hate naps, but this tip helped me power through my classes, work, blogging, and I fell asleep sooo much faster at night. Who says naps are only for kids? ;)

5 / Werk on that fitness!

Exercise? Does shopping count? Well, experts say that 2.5 hours of moderate activity a week will help you sleep better at night. So, unless you’re sprinting to Sephora and back, it counts right? Just be sure to not workout late at night - you need time to cool down before heading to bed. In fact, working out before bed can actually keep you up. Okay, no more late night Sephora trips for me.sighhhhh.

6 / Find your inner yogi.

If exercise isn’t your thing, you can yoga your way to better sleep. Stress and anxiety are two major factors in which most people can’t get a good night’s sleep. I admit, II’m usually up late at night thinking about my plans for the next day or just trying to watch tv until i get sleepy (note - this doesn’t work.) Instead, I’ve been practicing meditation each night before bed - and it really works. I found that my mind stopped going around in circles, thinking about what i have to do next for work, school, etc. I know we’re all busy boss babes but setting aside 10 minutes to mediate really does wonders!

7 / Say no to technology before bed.

Okay, i have a problem. I love technology - but it’s so bad for a good night’s sleep. I found out that the blue light from TVs, computers and smartphones are actually stop people from falling asleep. What’s a girl to do? Well, keep your phone away from your bed (like very far, nowhere near hand’s reach) and reduce the temptation to scroll through Instagram to see what everyone is doing (probably sleeping, unlike me.) If you’re a girl boss who has to stay up working, try using thef.luxapp to get rid of the blue light coming from your computer screen.

8 / Bath time!

Time for the fun stuff! Nobody can deny a bubble bath. Experts say that a bath around bedtime increases sleep quality. Now that’s what I like to hear! Use a lavender bath bomb to reaaaallly soothe your muscles and relax. You’re welcome. ;)

9 / Get excited about serums.

What better way to sleep better at night than to get excited about your nighttime beauty routine? I love nighttime for this specific reason. One of the best ways to relax at night (and use your beauty sleep wisely) is to find your ideal serum. Serums are great for nighttime use because they often contain ingredients that don’t mix well with sunlight. You can choose one that’s made for your specific skin issues in mind - whether it’s wrinkles, dullness, uneven tone, etc. Queens, pamper yourself andchill.

10 / Facemasks are life.

Facemasks are my favorite part of my nighttime routine. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the feeling of waking up and peeling off a facemask gets me so excited to wake up. I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up and see their skin flawless in the mirror? Pro tip: try using a facemask that is designed to keep your skin moisturized - most people find that their skin gets dry overnight.

Sleeping never felt sooo good. Now, time to put down the phone and catch somezzzz’s.

Elise Gabriel
Elise Gabriel

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