The Definitive Guide To Summer Skin

by Chloe Green 5 min read

The Definitive Guide To Summer Skin - Paradox

This summer promises to look a little different than we may be accustomed to ... crowded beaches, summer vacations and get-togethers beyond the size of our roommates don’t seem so likely. But there are a few summer staples that are still bound to happen—the sun is still going to shine, the temps will still rise and the hope for a summer glow is still within reach. Personally, I plan on relishing in every ounce of positivity that the summer season brings. 

Changing temperatures means switching up your skincare products, so start prepping your vanity! This definitive guide to summer skin covers everything from what happens to your skin in the summer months to what kind of products you should be reaching for to achieve a healthy, summer glow.

The Environmental Impact on Your Skin

Let’s begin by understanding how the seasons impact skin. We know that the  chillier months can be pretty harsh and drying on our faces, with our skincare routines revolving around hydration. However, when it starts to warm up, what worked for your skin in the winter probably won’t be as helpful in the summer. During the summer season, your skincare focus should shift from hydration to sun protection and oil control. And here's why….

When the temperatures rise and it starts to get a little more humid, the pores in skin open up,  making them much more susceptible to unwanted dirt and oil. When this happens something called ‘tropical acne’ can occur: large painful cysts caused by humidity and excess sweat clog your skin up. This humidity can also help facilitate bacterial and fungal infections in the skin—which you definitely want to avoid. 

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This excess heat means that, when you’re not spending your time lounging in the sun, you’re most likely inside with air conditioning blaring full blast. This can severely dehydrate and dry out the skin, so just be conscious of how often you’re stationed in front of the fan.

There is also the threat of sun damage to the skin, as strong UV rays can irritate the skin in the short and long run. We all know the unpleasant experience of a sunburn which often leaves the skin peeling and painful instead of glowy and bright. In the long run, unhealthy habits of sunbathing and sunburns  increase chances of skin cancer

How to Adjust Your Skincare For Summer Weather 

Now that you know all about the harm that can be done to your skin in the summer months, let’s look at exactly how you can go about preventing damage and obtaining the summer glow we all want.

1. Opt for lightweight products. The winter months are all about rich creams and layering on extra moisture, but in the summer months you’re going to want to opt for a more lightweight routine. Avoid heavy products that will clog your already susceptible pores.

2. Remember to moisturize. You may think that because there’s already so much moisture in the air that means you can forgo a moisturizer. This is definitely not true, but you might just want to consider adopting a more lightweight formula. The last thing you want to do is lather on a heavy product when your skin feels sticky and sweaty, but skipping this step altogether will just trigger increased oil production. Look for a gel, water-based moisturizer that will hydrate without suffocating your skin. Argan oil, such as Paradox’s  Marrakech Liquid Gold, has a lightweight formula that hydrates and soothes without clogging your pores!


3. Add Vitamin C to your routine. The summer months mean that having a high quality  Vitamin C serum is extra important. With exposure to sunshine and free radicals at an all time high during the summer months, Vitamin C is a necessity. It helps strengthen the skin barrier and reduce dark spots caused by time spent in the sun. Over time it also brightens your complexion helping you achieve that summer glow. 

4. Exfoliate regularly. And last but not least, something your mom has probably been reminding you to do since you were a toddler, never forget sunscreen! Remember the higher the SPF the better protection against sun damage, so look for something in the range of SPF 15 - 30. You also want to choose sunscreens that have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in their ingredient list as these offer up a physical barrier to the sun and are better for your body than a chemical-based formula.

Summer Skincare for Your Whole Body

Now we all know that the skin on our face isn’t the only skin we need to be looking out for — our whole body needs a little extra loving in the summer months. You want to make sure that you’re exfoliating with a nice body scrub so you can slough off all the excess dirt and sweat that could cause unwanted breakouts or infections. 

You may also want to pair your exfoliation with dry brushing, a practice that removes dead skin cells and increases circulation in the body. Be conscious of the clothing you're wearing; opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics that won’t irritate your skin. 

Finding a body wash that specifically deep cleans pores is also really important, so look for Salicylic acid and eucalyptus oil the next time you’re browsing for a body wash. Once you’ve showered go for a lightweight body lotion. The pores on your body are able to absorb thicker lotions than the face, but you still want to find one that easily melts into the skin. After you’re moisturized follow up with a nourishing body oil - we recommend  argan oil!

Bonus Tips For Your Summer Glow 


Now for a few extra tips to keep in mind when going for that summer glow...

1. Pare down the makeup. Summer is the time for lightweight products and layering on heavy foundations can be pretty counterproductive when it begins to mix with the sweat and grime of warm weather. Less is more when it comes to summertime makeup.

2. Look for cooling ingredients in your skincare. Refreshing ingredients such as aloe vera, mushrooms and cucumber can help cool down and depuff your skin. Adding a face roller to your routine, like our  Crystal Face Roller, can also cool down your skin while improving circulation!

3. Get your beauty sleep. Skimping on sleep is not only going to keep you from enjoying the warm summer days but it will also hurt your skin's appearance. Our skin rests and repairs while we sleep...removing toxins, repairing cell and DNA damage, and replacing aging cells. Without the chance to do this you can expect to see dark circles, dry skin, changes in skin texture and an onset of fine lines. So make sure you’re getting your zzzz’s!


4. Take a cold shower. Hot showers may feel nice but they can strip your skin of natural oils leaving you with a dull (not glowy) complexion. Cold water on the other hand stimulates the flow of blood which helps nourish skin cells.

5. Use a facial spray for a summer glow. Finish off your skincare routine or makeup look with a spritz of our all-natural  Probiotic Facial Mist for a dewy gleam! Our   2-in-1 Probiotic Facial Mist is packed with botanical ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed both before and after a long summer day.

6. And finally, be mindful of what you eat. Don’t forget that the glow starts from within! That means focusing on lots of hydrating and healthy foods. Think big, nourishing salads and lots of fruits and veggies.

Make sure you’re drinking a ton of water. Hydration really is the key to unlocking your summertime glow!

Have any other tips for the perfect summer glow? Let us know in the comments! For more beauty products and skincare inspo follow us  @paradox on Instagram or Pinterest. Be sure to check out our article “Simple Ways To Improve Your Skin Without Any Products” (here) and "The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil" (here).

Chloe Green
Chloe Green

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