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PARADOX JOURNAL: At-Home Nail Trends

by Jordan Curiel 3 min read


Welcome back, readers! We know you’re probably reading this cooped up at home, so let’s try to lift those spirits up a bit. 

Even when you’re staying in, there are fun little beauty opportunities everywhere, and you can still pamper yourself no matter where you are with something simple, like an at-home manicure. 


First things first, if your usual nail salon appointment isn’t an option, you might still have acrylics to tackle before we get to anything new. So, let’s break down how tosafely remove those real quick:

  • You’ll need clippers and a nail file, cutting the acrylics down as close as you can to the real nail and then buffing off the top layer of polish (there shouldn’t be any shine left once you’re done). 
  • Soak your fingers in 100% acetone nail polish remover, gently pushing the polish down away from your cuticles with a metal cuticle pusher or nail file every five minutes. 
  • Once it’s all gone, bring back that buffer to take care of any little bits of polish still hanging on, and make sure to rehydrate the skin around your nails with cuticle oil. 

Now you’re ready with a clean slate, and you can try any of these cute nail trends!

Classic Cutie


I’m a believer in keeping it simple, and my favorite go-to polish is nothing more than a clear coat. A little bit of shine goes a long way, and topping your natural nails with a clear coat can be an easy way to add in that extra pop while still feeling clean and natural. 

Wanna step it up? Try throwing in a sprinkle of loose glitter or a drop of a shimmery metallic polish for even more kick. Shake it up until everything’s mixed to your liking, and try it now. Not your typical boring clear coat anymore!

Go Nude


From makeup to nails, you can never go wrong with nudes. Pick any tone from the huge spectrum of neutral colors and you’ll have a subtle glam that compliments every style, outfit, or occasion. 

Two coats of polish and you’re good to go! Choose a matte or glossy top coat for even more options on making these neutrals your own. 

Pastels Pop


Staying inside does not mean spring hasn’t arrived! Brighten up your mood and your nails with springtime pastels that are always in season. 

Take your pick from warm pastel pinks to cool lilac and mint green. Be a little bold with a light sunny  yellow, or keep it soft with baby blue (a personal fave). 

And who says you have to stick with just one color? You have ten fingers. See what color combos you can make that compliment each other, or get creative and use amakeup sponge to blend two colors on one nail for a nice smooth gradient. 

Metallics Shine


Maybe you’re the bold type and you want to stand out from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers. Metallics add some elegant and eye-catching glam to your everyday look.

Metallic polishes are the simple and easy way to go, if you have them. A full-coverage coat of silver or gold will sparkle, or you can make it stand out even more by keeping it to one accent nail. Toothpicks and the heads of straight-pins work great for adding dots and lines of metallic nail art to any base color. 

Ramp it up even more if you want, by going all-in with these high-shine foil methods. You canstick to the basics, or trysomething bigger for an at-home design that will make you look like you went to the nail salon after all.

And the best part about experimenting at home with nail trends is that you can always take the polish off and start all over again. 

There’s endless possibilities, and each one will brighten your day and bring a little beauty and glam back into the routine. Things all over the world are very uncertain right now, but one thing that is always for sure is feeling beautiful, becauseyou are

Jordan Curiel
Jordan Curiel

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