What is Face Mapping ?

by Chloe Green 4 min read

What is Face Mapping ? - Paradox

You know when you wake up, and there’s a new colony of zits on your face that seemed to appear overnight? Yeah, we can all agree that it’s the worst, and it can feel really defeating not to understand why they’re there. I’ve spent a lot of time and tried a lot of products and wasted a lot of money trying to clear up my acne.

But I was doing it all without any deeper insight into my skin and how it’s connected to the rest of our health. Once I started to understand some of these complex relationships I started to see major improvements in my skin. One tool that really helped me gain a more comprehensive insight into my skin was Face Mapping.

Our faces and aforementioned zits can actually tell us a lot thanks to Face Mapping, the process of unveiling the cause of acne based on where the breakout is located. It’s super empowering to know the ‘why’ behind what’s going on with your health. And not only will you be able to better understand what’s causing your breakouts, you’ll also be able to treat them more accurately. So let’s get right into breaking down the different locations and what they’re trying to tell you.

A Paradox Guide To Facemapping

1.Forehead Acne

If you’re getting breakouts right along your hairline, you might want to tale a closer look at your hair care products. They could very possibly be full of ingredients that are irritating or congesting your skin. Your forehead is also connected to your digestive systems, and those breakouts could be a sign that your skin is dehydrated or you've have been consuming a lot of processed foods.

My Tips: When looking for your staple shampoo and conditioner, make sure you don’t fall in love with one that has any of these ingredients…silicone, acrylates, oils, petrolatum as they can be the culprit behind clogged pores. And as always make sure you’re drinking a lot of water, eating enough fiber and trying to eat more whole foods.


2.Nose Acne

Your nose is a prime location for unwanted blackheads to pop because of its high concentration of oil glands. An excess of oil and skin cells get trapped inside pores, and over time will cause blackheads to appear.

My Tips:Make sure you’re cleaning your makeup brushes often to avoid unwanted dirt. You can try a pore strip once a week to deep clean the pores on your nose. Also, because your nose is probably one of the oiler parts of your face, it may not need as much moisturizer as other parts of your face.

face mapping diagram - paradox

3. Cheek Acne

Checks might be one of the most common places to experience breakouts, and there are quite a few possible triggers for them. One could be environmental, meaning all of the cell phones, pillowcases, and hands that they come in contact with each day could be transferring a ton of unwanted bacteria onto your face. Or if you’re living in a heavily polluted city, your skin might be taking a toll.

My Tips : Try to remember to regularly wipe down your phone, wash your pillowcases and your makeup brushes, and try to keep your hands away from your face. And for the pollution? Make sure you’re regularly cleansing your skin, staying moisturized, and wearing your sunscreen.

4. Lip Acne

Acne that sprouts up around your mouth is connected to two main issues. The first might have to do with your digestion, specifically your liver and intestines, and an over consumption of spicy or fried foods. These foods containacidic lycopene which can irritate the skin by throwing off your skin's pH balance. Another culprit might be the ingredients in the toothpaste you use. Check and see if yours contains sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate as they can easily clog pores and ignite breakouts.

My Tips : I would suggest making a conscious effort to press pause on the spicy and fried food for a bit and see if your breakouts clear up. Make sure you’re adding in skin healthy foods that are full of fiber and nutrients and that you’re drinking plenty of water to hydrate the skin. It also might be time to switch out your toothpaste, look for one that’s SLC free and fluoride free.

Face Mapping & Skincare For Glowing Skin - Paradox

5. Chin Acne

Acne on the chin and jawline is usually a good indicator that your hormones might be going a bit haywire. Breakouts here are typically caused by an overproduction of oil triggered by a hormonal response to stress, too much refined sugar or dairy consumption, or fluctuations that happen during that wonderful time of the month.

My Tips : Start by reducing your sugar and dairy consumption to see if there’s any noticeable improvement, while also amping up your consumption of Omega 3 rich foods. Brainstorm big picture ways you can reduce everyday stress in your life. If breakouts here are a recurring issue, it might be worth it to see your doctor so that they check in on your hormone levels and make sure there’s not a more significant issue at play.

6. Neck Acne

Acne on your neck has a connection to your hormones just like acne on your chin. When your hormones fluctuate with your cycle it can catalyze your glands to create more oil, clogging pores and creating breakouts. And because our necks, especially the back of our necks, have a lot of sweat glands acne here is definitely a common problem. It can also be a sign of candida overgrowth in the growth, which means taking a look at your diet could be a good place to start.

My Tips: To keep your skin as oil-free as possible during your cycle try wearing clothes that are going to wick sweat away instead of fabrics, like cotton, that will irritate the skin leading to breakouts. As for the candida overgrowth switching to a gut-healthy diet should help, think about eating more fermented foods, low glycemic fruits, lots of non-starchy vegetables and loading up on dark leafy greens.

Hopefully having this information will make getting to the bottom of our breakouts seem less daunting and more manageable. The basic lifestyle changes of drinking lots of water, proper skincare, and healthy eating are always going to be positives for your skin. But having a more in-depth understanding of the intricate workings of our skin will hopefully help you find more pointed solutions to your acne.

Chloe Green
Chloe Green

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