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Why limit your skin to just one face mask? Let’s be real — every area of our face has its own complicated skin problem so why not treat each one to its own mask?

Multimasking is super easy. Apply your favorite face masks on different areas of your face that have specific skin concerns. Blackheads? Pores? Oily T-zone? Multimasking takes care of it all with multiple masks instead of just one. It’s a great way to take care of each area of your skin and cater to its specific needs. 

It also gives you an excuse to do some creative face painting! I was super excited when I heard about this trend because who doesn’t want all their skin’s needs taken care of all at once? It also sounded super fun to discover what different masks I could use instead of having to choose one for my entire face. Using my favorite masks all at once? Sign me up!

Multi masking


1. Always start with a clean face! 
Before applying any face mask, make sure to wash your face to remove the bacteria or debris that may be clogging your pores. For optimal results, try masking after a warm shower when your pores are most unclogged. 

2. Exfoliate first, mask second!
Dead skin often leads to flaky, dry patches which many people commonly mistaken for having dry skin. Before emptying your hydrating mask on your face, the secret is to remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating first. Don’t forget to exfoliate all the areas, including the places that many people tend to neglect, like the brows and chin area.

3. Be strategic!
If possible, use masks that require a similar amount of time to dry for convenience. Another trick is to apply longer duration masks first before adding the others to balance out the time. 

4. Seal the deal!
After rinsing off the mask, moisturize your face with our fan-favorite  Marrakech Liquid Gold to seal in all the benefits from the mask. This face oil will not only deeply hydrate the skin, but it also leaves a natural glow for your perfect post-skincare selfie! To improve blood circulation for your  face, try massaging the face oil with our  crystal face roller.


For oily skin: Ingredients like charcoal or clay will help absorb excess oil. It can also assist in removing impurities in the pores without drying out your skin. The oiliest part of the face tends to be the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) so make sure to tackle these areas! 

For dry skin: Cheeks and areas around the lips are usually the driest parts on the face. Ingredients like collagen, calendula and hyaluronic acid are rich in hydrating components and will help bring out your skin’s natural oil.

For acne skin: First, it’s important to find out  why you’re breaking out in certain areas of your face. In areas with blemishes, use masks with ingredients like tea tree and honey. White clay is also great for pore care. 

For dark spots: Dull skin and dark spots are usually a concern for the cheeks. For these areas, use masks with brightening effects with ingredients like vitamin C, licorice or kojic acid. If you plan on applying masks with these ingredients before leaving the house, always make sure to protect your skin with sunscreen.


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Elise Gabriel
Elise Gabriel

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