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During this time of social-distancing and amidst the chaos going on around the world, it’s more important than ever to practice self-care and find ways to destress—and facials are the perfect way to unwind! I got my first facial as a present for my 16th birthday, and ever since then I have been a devoted believer. 

Facials are multi-step skin treatments that cleanse, clear and detoxify your skin, with nourishing and rejuvenating effects. You don’t have to go to the spa or even leave your house for a professional-grade facial! Light some scented candles, throw on a bathrobe and follow this simple guide for a DIY facial.

Step 1 // Cleanse

Start by cleansing your face. This step may seem obvious, but it’s essential to ensure that no makeup or dirt gets stuck in your pores. Raw coconut oil is an effective natural makeup remover, but if I don’t have any in my cabinet, I stick with a Cetaphil to remove makeup followed by a deep-cleaning face wash. I like to double cleanse to make sure I’m starting with a fresh face!

Step 2 // Steam

Steaming your skin for five to ten minutes opens your pores and releases toxins, helps eliminate acne and blackheads, and gets your skin ready for products. This can also be the perfect time to play some relaxing music and really unwind! There are plenty of portable facial steamers available, but you don’t have to have a fancy machine to properly steam your face. Drape a hot washcloth over your face or take a hot shower for the same effect. 

Step 3 // Exfoliate 

After steaming, exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub to remove dead skin and further unclog your pores. This should leave your skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch! For an easy DIY exfoliant, try out thestrawberry and honey exfoliating facial scrub recipe in our“Home Beauty Remedies” blog post. 

Step 4 // Peel 

Chemical peels exfoliate your skin and are less abrasive than facial scrubs, killing bacteria and evening out skin coloration. I talked to my dermatologist, and she recommended using a TCA multi-acid peel, which can even be found on Amazon. The Ordinary, a vegan beauty brand, also sells a peeling solution that has received raving reviews. 

Step 5 // Multi-Masking

To multimask, apply separate face masks to different areas of your skin each combatting specific skin issues. Although it’s not difficult, it’s personalized and depends on your skin type. On my t-zone, which tends to be more oily, I apply a clay or mud mask which dries out my skin, while I apply hydrating masks to the rest of my face for a smooth and glowing complexion. If you want to learn more aboutmultimasking and its incredible benefits, check out our article about the latest trendhere! After leaving your masks on for ten to fifteen minutes, gently rinse them off with cool water. 

Step 6 // Tone

Next step is toner! Vitamin C is the perfect natural toner, as it reduces fine lines, hydrates your skin, and brightens your overall complexion. I recommend Paradox’sVitamin C Serum which combines a potent blend of l-ascorbic acid, the most powerful form of vitamin C, along with other antioxidants. 

Step 7 // Hydrate

Last but not least, hydrate your skin with serums and moisturizers. For a natural moisturizer, Argan oil is perfect for hydrating all skin types—like Paradox’sMarrakech Liquid Gold. Lightly massage the moisturizing product into your skin by moving your fingers in small circular motions or use a facial roller to increase circulation and lymph flow! If you have a face roller, gently roll it outward starting in the center of your face for best results. I use my Paradox  Crystal Face Roller every morning and for DIY facials, and it is not only an easy way to apply serums but also depuffs my skin, leaving me feeling instantly refreshed!

Comment below with any facial tips or suggestions for other ways to destress at home! Follow us on Instagram @paradox for daily content and inspiration including more at-home beauty hacks. Stay safe and wash your hands. 

Alex Garrow
Alex Garrow

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