How To: Design A Routine For Sensitive Skin

by Chloe Green 4 min read

How To: Design A Routine For Sensitive Skin - Paradox

The Paradox Guide To Building a Sensitive Skin Routine 

If you asked anyone to describe me, the word "sensitive" would probably make its way onto all of their lists. I just can't help it. I'll get teary-eyed about a good song, or an emotional Apple commercial. I find it really easy to care super deeply about a lot of things. It's a trait I've learned to love about myself.... except when it comes to my skin. It's also highly sensitive. While I've come to embrace my sensitivity as a human being, when it comes to my skin, it's harder to find the silver lining. Sensitive skin is not the most forgiving, and any slight deviation away from the center can cause my skin to have its own full-on mental breakdown. 

Or, more realistically put, sensitive skin is more prone to flare-ups, which can manifest in any number of ways. Small bumps, red spots, dry patches, acne, uneven tone, and texture. These flare-ups can be caused by the weather, your environment, your diet, the amount of stress you're dealing with or the products that you're using. 

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That last one is a big one, and that's why creating a consistent routine is so important when trying to manage easily irritated skin. So we're going walk through exactly how I built a routine that works for me, which products to use and which ones you might want to avoid.

Let's jump in - and start building your ideal sensitive skin skincare routine.

Chart outlining the ideal sensitive skin skincare routine - Paradox Beauty

Step 1: Use A Gentle Cleanser Morning & Night

A harsh cleaner is definitely going to strip your skin of essential oils and moisture, effectively freaking your skin out. Using the wrong face wash or even just over washing sensitive skin can lead to a flakey and dry mess. That makes you more prone to breakouts and uneven texture. In the mornings, it's recommended to either forego a cleanser altogether. Instead, use a simple cleansing water or cleansing lotion. At night, use micellar water to remove your makeup instead of face wipes, which can dry out sensitive skin. And follow with a light and soothing face wash. You can still keep your skin clean and clear without harshly scrubbing away at easily irritated skin. 

Here are a few good choices when it comes to a light cleanser…

True Botanicals Clear Nourishing Cleanser 

TULA Skincare Super Calm Gentle Milk Cleanser 

Step 2: Use a Toner or Face Mist That's Free From Harsh Ingredients

Toners might make you shiver if you have sensitive skin, so it probably seems counterintuitive to reach for one. This makes sense - a lot of toners include harsh fragrances and alcohols, both of which will dry out sensitive skin. But finding a gentle toner or face mist that's tailored to sensitive skin can actually help balance your skin's pH levels. It soothes irritation and lessens redness. Ingredients to look for? Rosewater, tea tree oil, witch hazel, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. 

Here are some toners free of alcohol and harsh fragrances… 

Biossance Squalane + Hyaluronic Toning Mist 

La Roche-Posay Efffaclar Toner Astringent Lotion Micro-Exfoliant 

Paradox Clean Skincare & Beauty Products

Step 3: Use a Hydrating Oil or Serum in the Evening

Serums and oils are such an essential product in getting your glow on, but you just have to make sure that you're tailoring the one you choose to your skin type to see the desired results. Sensitive skin serums ought to soften, soothe, and hydrate. They should calm down red, irritated skin, and leave you feeling glowy and supple. 

Down below are a few of the ones we recommend… 

Paradox Marrakech Liquid Gold 

Aesop Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum 

Step 4: Keep Your Moisturizer Lightweight (AM/PM)

Sensitive skin can become dehydrated very, very quickly, so keeping your skin moisturized is a crucial step. Whether your skin is prone to breakouts, eczema flare-ups, or dryness, having a light, hydrating moisturizer will help. It'll protect and repair your skin's protective barrier. Soothing ingredients to keep your eyes out for are green/white tea, Centella Asiatica, or oat. 

Check these out for inspo… 

Biossance Squalane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer 

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream 

Step 5: Use a Gentle Zinc Oxide-based Sunscreen

Because sensitive skin isn't just impacted by the products we use, but by our environment, it's a good idea to take preemptive measures in protecting it. I would recommend a zinc oxide sunscreen. They're not as irritating as sunscreens that have chemical UV blockers, which can cause a stinging sensation. 

Our faves are down below…

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling Water Sunscreen Lotion SPF 60

Drunk Elephant Umbra Daily Defense Sunscreen SPF 30

Never really knowing when your skin is going to freak out or what's going to cause your next flare-up can be a major pain. But having a foundational routine that your skin can depend on can really help create balance in an otherwise 'sensitive' situation. I hope the guide was a good start in fine-tuning your beauty cabinet. Building a routine takes time, especially when your skin is so easily offended, so be patient and really pay attention to what makes your skin feel best. And if you're looking for more tips, follow us on Instagram @paradox - we post regular stories about how to care for sensitive skin.

And now, a little about us: 

We are Paradox. You can find us on Instagram and Pinterest @Paradox. We're a female-founded, clean skincare brand. Our best-selling Lucky Stars Blemish Patches were recently featured in FabFitFun boxes all over the world. Our brand name is inspired by our mission: to inspire all races, all ages, and all genders to embrace the unique, sometimes contradictory traits and flaws that make us beautiful. Because we are all Paradoxes. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. 


Chloe Green
Chloe Green

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