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by Renee Yang 3 min read


When I first encountered face rollers on my Instagram feed, I had an immediate “what is this new-fangled contraption?” followed by “OK I need this, now” moment. Sound familiar? I mean, a fresh new face tool that also makes any skincare vanity insta-worthy, what’s not to love? But, as someone who has, more than once, bought into skincare trends that are just that - a trend, I knew that I needed to do more research.

Are these face rollers just another pseudo-science fad, or is there more scientific backing to it? What is its connection to lymphatic drainage?

Here’s what I found:

Face rollers help with lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is one of, if not the most critical ways through which our body gets rid of toxins and waste. The lymphatic system carries a fluid called lymph, which contains white blood cells that help fight infection all around our body. Then, as the lymph flows to the lymph nodes, bacteria and damaged cells are filtered out . Our lymphatic system also helps to return lymph and other fluids back into our bloodstream. When the lymphatic system is not working well, fluids can collect around our body which contributes to puffiness. Bottom line: this is an extremely powerful system that we need to take care of.

Our lymphatic system needs our help in transporting lymph throughout our body because it doesn’t have a pump like our cardiovascular system. Instead, it needs to be stimulated by activities like exercise, inversions, technical breathing, and you guessed it, massages.

Here’s where face rollers come in

Face rollers are great tools because they are able to stimulate lymphatic drainage without pulling on the skin. By using a gentle but firm pressure, face rollers can help circulate the lymph within your face towards important lymph nodes. Many of our skin problems - redness, acne, puffiness, and dark under-eye circles - are symptoms of inflammation, a sign of resident toxins within our body. Through massaging our face with face rollers for better lymphatic drainage, we can reveal healthier, more vibrant skin!

What else do they do?

Even though some will say that face rollers help with product absorption, thereis no evidence to show that using a face roller will help skincare products penetrate further. But, the natural coolness of these rollers can help in calming inflammation. Plus, you probably don’t need us to tell you that face rolling feels oh-so-good - good enough to be a self-care ritual even without the underlying benefits!

So you’re ready to start rolling. Where do you begin?

Our lymphatic system is often called a drainage system because of its dependence on lymph, which is a fluid. To stimulate it, imagine you are moving water under your skin towards the lymph nodes. Our lymph nodes are located around our ears, under our chins, and near our collar bones. Start at near the center of the face, and then roll outwards towards the lymph node hotspots! Roll in the same area 3 times before moving to the next - it doesn’t need to be a lengthy process though you can certainly do it for longer if it feels good.

Fun Fact: Paradox founder, Elise, always keeps a face roller by her bed. She loves pressing the cold stones underneath her eyes to wake up in the morning!

Still not sure how to begin? We made a video to show you exactly what to do with your face roller! (IG TV video embed)


  • Use your face roller with a serum or a moisturizer. This will make the rolling even smoother and prevent pulling on the skin.
  • A gentle pressure is all you need to encourage lymphatic drainage - if you can see your skin pulling you are pressing too hard.
  • Roll on top of your favorite sheet mask for a luxurious at-home facial.

Face rollers are a great tool to incorporate into any skincare routine, whether you are face rolling with our Marrakech Liquid Gold , or a multi-layer skincare routine . Have you tried it out yet? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you think!

Stay connected with us! Follow us on Instagram @Paradox to see what we’re up to in our office and to stay updated on the new products we’re developing!

https://www.livestrong.com/article/512608-lymphatic-drainage-massages-for-faces/ https://www.webmd.com/g00/cancer/when-swollen-lymph-nodes-mean-cancer?

Renee Yang
Renee Yang

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