Lucky Star Blemish Patches: 7 Benefits of Our Best-Selling Product

by Aishu Parsuram 3 min read

Lucky Star Blemish Patches: 7 Benefits of Our Best-Selling Product - Paradox

When I woke up with a huge zit the morning before my first day of college, I started freaking out. I spent the entire day stressed out and kept hoping that it would disappear as soon as possible. My roommate handed me an acne patch and gave me her word that it would be gone before my first class. The next morning, I woke up and slowly peeled off the tiny little patch, nervous and unsure what to expect. I was thrilled to see that overnight the miracle patch had virtually erased the pimple from my face!

My first thought was a combination of “YES!!” and “Huh?” and when I looked at the blemish patch, I noticed that the once-sticky side was covered with the pus from my now non-existent pimple. It had pulled it out and reduced any redness, making me much more confident to start my classes and meet new people.  

From that moment on, acne patches became my lifesavers and I always made sure to keep a secret stash with my skincare products. Paradox Lucky Star Blemish Patches are my favorite spot treatment for unwelcome pimples as they use natural ingredients to zap zits while still looking cute and stylish. Keep reading for some reasons why I love Lucky Stars and why I know you will too!

BENEFITS OF Lucky Star Blemish Patches:

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1. Speed Up Healing Time

The main ingredient in Lucky Star Blemish Patches is hydrocolloid, which pulls out the pus and liquid inside of pimples. Dermatologists have said that blemish patches with hydrocolloid are known to help heal whiteheads, blackheads, and pus-filled bumps at a faster pace than normal treatments. This is perfect for when you stress breakout before an important day and need the bumps to go away as soon as possible.

2. Prevents Acne Scars

Hate acne scars? Don’t worry, we all do - which is why it’s great that Lucky Star Blemish Patches combat both active acne  and  acne scars. Our Lucky Stars are packed with natural antimicrobial ingredients like calendula and tea tree oil which reduce the potential for scarring by creating a healthy healing environment. Picture perfect skin, here we come!

3. Reduce Picking 

Covering up a pimple means no more access to the area of damaged skin. This is great for making sure it is practically impossible to get bacteria from your fingers on your acne when it’s covered. Picking at acne is what often leads to scarring, so by using blemish patches, you can avoid touching it and spreading bacteria. Additionally, people also use them as UV protection on acne that may be slowly healing or to avoid the habit of picking it.

(all photos from  @paradox on Instagram)

4. Safe, Natural Ingredients

The main ingredients in our Lucky Star Blemish Patches are hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and calendula. These ingredients are all-natural, non-toxic, and ethically sourced, working together to zap away a zit and promote its healing process without damaging your skin with toxic chemicals. 

5. Wear Anywhere and Anytime

You can choose when to add our Blemish Patches to your daily skincare routine. Some people prefer wearing them at night when they are asleep to fight any pimples that are forming then. Other people wear them in the daytime when they’re running errands or working out since the Blemish Patches provide UV protection, making sure your healing skin stays extra safe.

(all photos from  @paradox on Instagram)

6. Easy to Use

There are only a few main steps to wearing Paradox Lucky Star Blemish Patches as a supplement to your normal routine. Start off by cleansing your face and the spots you want to use the patches on. This helps make sure that no bacteria is under the patches when they’re working to heal. Then, make sure the area is dry and apply the patch on your acne or acne scars. Leave it on for 6+ hours to make sure it can be as effective as possible. 

7. Cute and Stylish

Many brands that sell acne patches are making more of an effort to get rid of the unnecessary stigma around acne, and designing cute blemish patches is definitely a step in the right direction! The Paradox Lucky Star Blemish Patches are adorable little black stars that pack a big punch to your acne. The Paradox Instagram is full of gorgeous women rocking looks with our blemish patches too, and people love to wear them as practical accessories. 

Shop our  Lucky Star Blemish Patches and get the clear skin of your dreams!

Share your Lucky Star selfies with us  @paradox on Instagram and Pinterest or let us know what you think in the comments below. Read more about our Lucky Star Blemish Patches  here and get to know our other products through the  Ingredients section of our blog! Welcome to the  #paradoxmafia.

Aishu Parsuram
Aishu Parsuram

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