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You’ve probably been hearing all about retinol in every skincare blog out there and have found yourself asking: “What is retinol and can it really do  all of these amazing things?” Well, we’re here to dive into the claims around retinol and see whether or not it’s worth a buy. (Spoiler alert: it is). 

Retinol: The Basics

Before exploring the benefits of retinol, it's important to address this looming question: what is retinol? Essentially, retinol is a topical form of Vitamin A that works by increasing collagen production under the surface of our skin. Retinol also increases cell-turnover which brings new skin cells to the surface of your skin. The result? Smooth, glowing skin.

With the basics out of the way, keep reading to learn why your favorite skincare and beauty gurus swear by retinol and why everyone should add it to their skincare routine ASAP!

6 Benefits of Retinol For Your Skin

1 / Smooths out Skin Texture

Retinol reduces the oils that your glands produce and increases the turnover of dead cells. This unclogs pores and significantly reduces the bacteria that may cause acne, meaning retinol works to improve your skin texture. With continual use of a retinol serum, rough patches of skin also become softer and even out your skin texture for a smoother finish.

2 / Improves Skin Color

Since retinol also stimulates the generation of new blood vessels in our skin, it helps even out skin color. It also helps clear acne scars over time which results in a more even skin pigmentation. Retinol users have also found that retinol fades age spots, giving skin a nice, youthful glow. 

3 / Shrinks Your Pores

Retinol is great for clearing clogged oil and dead skin that may have settled into your pores. This gives the appearance of cleaner and  smaller pores, making your skin look practically airbrushed. Get ready for picture-perfect pores!

4 / Decreases Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Since retinol increases the production of collagen, it strengthens our skin and helps fine lines and wrinkles fade away. Skin begins to look more and more youthful and the elasticity returns to slightly firm up sagging skin. Even if you don’t have any wrinkles or fine lines right now, retinol is a great preventative measure for the future. It’s a great tool to use for keeping your skin young and glowing for longer. 

5 / Dermatologist Approved

Retinol is widely approved by dermatologists everywhere and dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi M.D. said in an  article that “the longer you use them, the better they work. It’s an investment in your skin to use a retinoid every night.” Dermatologists especially love retinol because it addresses multiple skincare concerns at the same time and the results of it are almost too good to be true.

6 / Affordable and Easy to Use

Unlike other “holy grail” products that are on the market, retinol is affordable and, when used correctly, one bottle lasts a long time. Retinol is very simple to add to your nighttime routine and does not require getting rid of other products you use.

How to Pick a Retinol Product

When  choosing a retinol product, there are many important factors to keep in mind to see all of the great benefits it can offer. One thing to remember when purchasing a retinol product is that it should come in an opaque container so that it is not exposed to light since this makes the product ineffective. There are also different concentrations of retinol to choose from, and we would recommend starting at 0.1% or 0.2% before working up to more concentrated formulas. If you like the results, you can always talk to a dermatologist about getting a prescription for a higher concentration. Doing this gives your skin some time to get used to the introduction of retinol into your routine so that you don’t experience too much irritation. 

Dermatologists recommend starting off using retinol every other night and gradually working up to nightly application. Using retinol at night is the best because it is safer since your skin is not exposed to sunlight that causes damage. In any case: always make sure to use an SPF! Using retinol in the daytime can be harmful to your skin, so we recommend only applying it at night. Nighttime is also when your skin is working to repair itself so using retinol is a great way to help its process! 

Add Paradox's retinol to your routine and start your journey to smoother, younger-looking skin!

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Aishu Parsuram
Aishu Parsuram

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