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“If they want to grab coffee wearing a thin tank top and no bra, that's exactly what they’ll do.”

You may know her as the blogger behind one of the earliest fashion blogs, Karla’s Closet. But now, Karla Deras is the founder and creative director of her own fashion brand, The Line by K. This brand houses a collection of “basics that aren’t basics” all made in Los Angeles.

With a goal to empower women to be exactly as they envision themselves, this line is an extension of Karla’s own unapologetic fearlessness. It only makes sense that Karla has a lot of wisdom when it comes to prioritizing her own health and skin.

You can often find her sporting a healthy glow, whether from doing HIIT workouts on Instagram or from her own minimalist skincare routine that she has refined over the years.

Read on for some words of wisdom from this boss babe that totally warrants the hashtag #goals!

Beauty is Holistic

Karla believes that “beauty starts first by sleeping well, eating well, drinking lots of water, which I’m not very good at, and exercising.” She also makes sure that her skincare products are naturally formulated with minimal processing and very few chemicals/parabens.

Sources of Inspiration

Karla synthesizes her aesthetics through looking at thousands of images on a weekly basis. These images can span from “1960s architecture to Cecily Brown and vintage editorials.” Her art inspirations also include Egon Schiele, Wayan Sudarsana, Joan Mitchell and De Kooning.

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Minimalist Skincare

Karla’s skincare routine is only 5 steps long, which includes her cleanser and her CC cream that comes with SPF! In between those 2 products, she uses a facial mist, a vitamin C serum and rosehip oil. While it may seem extremely minimal, Karla got to this routine through trial and error - and it works!

When in doubt, mist!

Karla loves to use a facial or rosewater mist to help her feel refreshed and to balance out her skin. She uses it after she washes her face, to set her makeup, or to just freshen up during the day. She loves the Cactus & Tibeten Ginseng Hydrating Face Mist from Kiehl’s.

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is known for being a natural source of Vitamin A, which can visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and help with acne prone skin. Karla is “obsessed” with it and will mix hers in with the Golden Hour Recovery Cream by Ursa for those dry winter days.


Did you enjoy this post? Let us know which beauty & wellness tip was your favorite in the comments below! For tips on cleaning up your skincare routine a la Karla, check out our guide on which ingredients to avoid in skincare. We also created an argan oil that is both clean and organic - check it out here!

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