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Just because you are eating healthy or vegetarian doesn’t mean you should be punished by sitting in a bad environment or having boring food”

For any of us that love to sit at a beautiful cafe while chatting over green and healthy elixirs, we have Heather Tierney to thank! She was one of the first to marry healthy, plant-based eating with well-designed and community driven restaurant brands. You may know her from her first solo restaurant project, The Butcher’s Daughter, which (thankfully) has made its way to the beaches of Venice after it’s uber-successful start in New York City.


Her hustling did not stop there. With a great eye for design and a great mind for business, Heather started her own creative agency and is now revamping some of the older haunts on Abbot Kinney. She has helped design both Roosterfish and the Waterfront in Venice. How is this girl doing it all?

Here are some of her favorite beauty and wellness tips for living her life to the fullest:

First, Coffee

Heather is a big fan of Vittoria Coffee, an iconic Australian coffee brand. How does she keep her coffee fresh? “We get a huge bag, grind it, and leave it in the freezer.”


When asked for healthy lifestyle tips, Heather will never discount the benefits of regular yoga sessions. Her favorite is the Yoga Collective in Venice - “They have the best music and a 90-minute class is perfect for a good long workout.”

Green Juices Errday

The original concept for The Butcher’s Daughter was a green juice bar, so of course, juices are a big part of Heather’s wellness routine! She has a juice every single day, and will go with the Cilantro Celery Punch from Moon Juice when she goes to yoga since it's right across the street!


Step it Up

In addition to regular yoga, Heather cites Santa Monica as one of her favorite places to workout round out her wellness routine. She will usually do a beach run or visit the Santa Monica stairs - “I love the view, not to mention, it’s a great way to keep the booty in shape.”

Luxury Face Wash

She credits NaturaBisse Diamond Face Wash for her glowing complexion and looking young! This cleanser has a unique gel-oil-emulsion formula that encases brightening ingredients like pomegranate extract and vitamins E & F.

Body Hero

For the skin on her body, Heather loves the Officina Latte Per il Corpo Body Milk from the iconic and storied pharmacy, Santa Maria Novella. She love the scent of this product and says it makes her skin oh so soft!



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Renee Yang
Renee Yang

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