The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

by Alejandra Arevalo 4 min read

The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil - Paradox

From face masks to soaps, there’s no doubt tea tree oil is the skincare industry’s  It ingredient. Here at Paradox, we’re absolutely obsessed with it. Tea tree oil is key to our  Lucky Star Blemish Patches, which rapidly heal blemishes and zits while also reducing potential scarring by using natural antimicrobial ingredients.

So the main ingredient in Paradox’s Lucky Star Blemish Patches is tea tree oil, what is that?

This oil comes from the leaves of the tea tree,  Melaleuca alternifolia, and has been long used in Australia as a natural treatment for cuts and wounds. Now, it’s obtained through a process called  steamed distillation and is applied topically to treat skin conditions. Although scientists haven’t explored the full potential of this essential oil, there are several studies showing its natural benefits. Thanks to more than 100 different natural components, tea tree oil has  antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the perfect remedy for skin problems such as dryness, itchiness, inflammation and acne.

How is tea tree oil beneficial to our skin?

It's the most effective natural acne treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide has been the ingredient of choice for acne treatment for years, but now there has been a move towards using tea tree oil. According to a  study comparing benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil, both have a significant effect on reducing acne lesions but tea tree oil is much more gentle and less irritating.

It might take around  12 weeks for you to see significant improvement in your skin after using tea tree oil constantly. Since this is a new ingredient in your skin, you have to give your skin some time to adapt to it to see results and eventually, you will produce less sebum and reduce acne.

It helps control oily skin.

All skin types require care but oily ones need special attention due to the constant release of sebum, the oily substance your sebaceous glands release that makes your skin look shiny and can lead to acne. Drying your face with a tissue whenever you see it shinning can actually cause more secretion of sebum and might worsen your acne. Finding a skincare product that helps control sebum is crucial and tea tree oil is perfect for that.

This essential oil has antibacterial properties that reduce inflammation and target breakouts. A  study on people using sunscreen with tea tree oil showed a reduction in pore size, skin peeling and facial oiliness, while also getting a more hydrated skin after 30 days of use.

It reduces irritation and itchiness in dry skin.

When it comes to dry skin, it’s really important to keep the skin moisturized, especially if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, two conditions that cause itchiness. Tea tree oil has been shown to  reduce itchiness and irritation more effectively than zinc oxide and clobetasone butyrate, common ingredients used to treat dry skin ailments. 

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is also great for treating sunburns and returning moisture to your skin.  Add some drops of this essential oil to your aloe vera after-sun gel and get ready to see the magic happen.

Is there anything else I should know?

It’s better to include this essential oil in your night routine, as exposure to the sun might trigger an uncomfortable skin reaction. Additionally, if you use it at night, you allow your skin to absorb the product undisturbed. When it comes to Paradox’s Lucky Star Blemish Patches, you can wear them at night or any time of the day as their sticker layer blocks the sun from hitting spots where the tea tree oil is working.

Although tea tree oil it’s extremely beneficial for your skin, if using it as an essential oil  it’s important to follow some precautions. Note: do not ingest it, it should only be applied topically. As with any new ingredient you try, make sure to do a patch test before using it regularly as some people may have allergic reactions to tea tree oil. If you want to use this essential oil in its pure form, you should dilute it with a carrier such as almond oil in a ratio of one drop of tea tree oil to 12 drops of the carrier oil. 

When buying pure oil, make sure that you’re buying from reputable brands that carry organic products because there are some brands that mix it with chemicals. Tea tree oil can oxidize when exposed to light, so keep it in a dark area and use it within the timeframe recommended on the label. In the case of Paradox’s Lucky Star Blemish Patches, tea tree oil is already combined with other natural ingredients, so no need to worry about mixing it with other products or storing it in a special way.

It sounds like tea tree oil is really effective, I want to try it! How do I use Lucky Star Blemish Patches?

It’s super easy to use our  Lucky Star Blemish Patches. Gently clean the area, pat it dry so that the patch doesn’t slip out of place, then put on the patch and leave it on for at least six hours. You can use the patches on a new blemish or in an area where you feel you will be getting a new pimple. Neither tea tree oil nor the blemish patches should replace your normal skincare routine, but they may be helpful in contributing to the health of your skin. Washing your face and  keeping a balanced diet will always be your best allies for perfect skin, but when pimples pop up anyways, tea tree oil and our Lucky Star Blemish Patches will do the trick.

Shop natural, sustainably-sourced beauty products! 

Tea tree oil is the perfect example of a natural skincare product that can benefit your skin tremendously. Not only are natural products safer for your skin, but also gentler, especially when sustainably sourced like the products at Paradox. Who is your favorite clean beauty influencer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alejandra Arevalo
Alejandra Arevalo

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