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Paradox Muse : Sophia Roe

by Chloe Green 4 min read

Paradox Muse : Sophia Roe

Paradox Muse is our series highlighting all of the women who have hustled hard and curated a life that’s extremely inspiring. The women who show up to life with passion, purpose and kindness. The women who lift others up as they rise. The women who express themselves openheartedy, whether it be through fashion, beauty or simply their lifestyle. She fully embodies what it means to be a muse. We’re going to be profiling each one and hopefully inspiring you along the way. 


If you’re anything like me than the Danish It Girl Aesthetic has definitely taken over your Instagram feed recently, and personally I have absolutely no complaints about it. Who doesn’t love the neutral tones and comfortable pieces and simply chic energy? And no one’s doing it quite like the one  Sophia Roe, whenever she appears on my timeline I can’t help but feel a little jolt of inspiration. The Copenhagen based stylist, beauty blogger, and overall cool girl has mastered the art of simple yet beautifully curated looks and a superior eye for detail. She will have you going back to Scandi inspired basics while still making each outfit look super intentional and chic. 

Sophia has previously said that she’s always had an affinity for design and fashion. Her dream job when she was little was to be an interior designer and she’s been inspired by fashion for as long as she can remember. I think we can all relate to the experience of reading our mother's fashion magazines, spending hours dressing up her clothes and messing around with her red lipstick. Now imagine getting to do the grown up version of that for a living. Sophia has said she feels as though she gets to do exactly that and that she wakes up everyday so thankful for the job she has created for herself. If that’s not inspiring, I’m not sure what is. 


I can one hundred percent see those passionate roots of design in her current style, her looks are all very curated and intentional while still giving off a laid back, I-just-threw-this-on feel. Trying to figure out where my current inspiration findsher inspiration  She has said that she pulls inspiration from all around her. Her mood and location are big influences in how she chooses to dress which is super relatable, sometimes you just need to wear a big cozy sweater but still want to look uber chic. Following Sophia’s feed will definitely help you find that balance. And as for her muses you may ask? She’s said that both young Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger inspire her with their effortlessly cool aura. 

Scrolling through her instagram feed will definitely have you wanting to update your wardrobe and we have some advice on how to incorporate some of her Scandinavian style into your everyday outfits without breaking the bank. We’ve broken down three of our favorite outfit types  from her, given you actionable steps to recreate the look and some copycat pieces that you can easily get your hands on.

Outfits : 

1 - Bussiness Chic 

Just a girl boss, off duty, drinking her matcha and looking far chicer than I ever do on my ‘off duty’ days. Sophia seems to love a leather look and honestly is there anything cooler than a leather jacket? I don’t really think so. The almost blazer-like silhouette keeps it business but the leather ups the it-girl factor just a bit. The pinstripe pants are classy, chic and a staple that should be in any working gals repertoire. She also makes sure to keep things a bit more casual with her shoe choice which I think really solidifies the whole off duty girl boss look. Check out the pieces below for some copycat options.

Leather Jacket 

Pinstripe Pants 






2 - Keep it Casual but Classy 

There is so much I love about this. Number one: I’m so glad that suits have been trending in such a big way recently. The oversized look is such an effortlessly, classy but also lowkey look that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Am I going to a business meeting or am I going to the farmers market? You can add accessories like the sneaker and hat in this picture to dress it down or heels and a red lip if you want to dress it up. Number two:  I absolutely love a good monochrome moment. The pieces down below are definitely waiting patiently in my shopping cart icon.

Suit Pants 



Ball Cap 


Canvas Bag

3 - Power Moves Only 

This is a bit of a bolder look and proves that you don’t have to get too complicated in creating a dressy, powerful outfit. The leather pants subtly amp up the dressiness of the outfit and the patterned knit is definitely attention-grabbing, yet both are doing so without being too loud and in your face. If you’re in the need of feeling a bit bolder check out the pieces down below…

Leather Pants 

Patterned Knit 




Hopefully, you now love Sophia as much as we do and that you're filled with fresh fashion inspiration. We'd definitely love to see you tag us,@paradox on Instagram, in any OOTD's this post may inspire. And if you want a little more female inspiration check out this piece onYara ShahidiandEmma Watson. Also let us know in the comments any of your favorite muses that you think we should profile next.


Chloe Green
Chloe Green

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