Paradox Muse: Mija Flatau

by Reece Andavolgyi 4 min read

Paradox Muse: Mija Flatau - Paradox

Paradox Muse is our series highlighting all of the women who have hustled hard and curated a life that’s extremely inspiring. The women who show up to life with passion, purpose, and kindness. The women who lift others up as they rise. The women who express themselves openheartedly, whether it be through fashion, beauty or simply their lifestyle. She fully embodies what it means to be a muse. We’re going to be profiling each one and hopefully inspiring you along the way. 

Meet Paradox Muse, Mija Flatau.

If you’re like me I’m absolutely obsessed with minimalist fashion but unsure if I could ever fully commit to a minimalist wardrobe. Minimalist fashion includes streamlined shapes, minimal color and exudes simplicity. Easy! But it also includes limiting excess from your wardrobe and only buying what you really need and love. Tough. German blogger  Mija Flatau drives a hard bargain for abandoning your wardrobe and curating a new wardrobe of black and white basics. She defines her style as  minimal aesthetic meets California laid-back’ and her style is recognizable all over Instagram, street style blogs and even Vogue.com. 

As a blogger, photographer, writer and former creative director, Mija didn’t start off her career in fashion but always cited art, architecture, and fashion as her creative outlets. She built up everything she has from scratch. Her blog arose as an outlet during her time as a creative director at a science magazine when she felt like she was missing something.With hard work and perseverance, she was able to create her own business and create the job that filled her soul. Today she has over 900k followers on Instagram and has been featured in Vogue, Grazia IT and Instyle while working with brands like Gucci, Levis and Calvin Klein.

Mija cites her favorite designers as Acne, Céline, Jacquemus, and The Row so it’s no shock as to where she draws inspiration for her laid back, minimalist style. Her content offers endless inspo for the everyday woman in all aspects of life; aesthetic, quotes, fashion, travel, sustainability, and beauty.  Here’s a breakdown on four aspects of Mija’s style and how to nail that ‘minimal aesthetic meets California laid back’ instantly!

Outfit Basics

I’m obsessed with this look and it’s such a classic Mija outfit. On trend but still laid back, minimal and easy to recreate. Her hoodie is a wardrobe basic, her pants are a classic with a twist and her heels and bag offer some edge to this look.Mija really sticks to quality basics that fit her well and she elevates her looks with bags and shoes. The best part about this look is, you can create it with pieces you already have in your wardrobe. If you don't want to wear a sweatshirt, pair it with a sweater or even a white t-shirt and it would still be a very Mija inspired outfit that’s not only comfortable but super simple and on trend. Here’s what I’m adding to cart to recreate this look ASAP.

Split hem pants 

White Woven handbag 

Black hoodie 

White Square Toe Heels



Sweats can totally be chic when you do them like Mija. To recreate, stick with black and white and layer a trench coat over to really make it chic and eliminate any sense of casualness to the outfit. Top it off with white sneakers and a structured bag to keep the outfit looking chic and put together. The key to making sweats work like this is to add more polished pieces to your outfit and to stay away from flashy logos. This elevates the sweats and keeps you from looking sloppy. Here’s everything to shop to get the look.

Black Sweats 

Black Coat

White Tee

White Sneakers

White Tote


Mija isn’t one to over-accessorize in the slightest but she knows when to accessorize appropriately. Whether it’s a hat or her jewelry or her bags, her accessories always look just right with her outfit because she keeps everything so minimal. She loves a good hat, no matter what season it is and I am so here for it! Always wide brim in black or camel or a good straw hat moment. For bags, she picks timeless silhouettes in black and white to invest in. Her bags are always very minimal and she’s not one for flashy logos or chunky hardware. For jewelry, she always sticks to minimal pieces and always in gold. This allows her to invest in jewelry that she can wear with every outfit. She loves a black pair of shades in a more oversized or angular style. Here’s everything to accessorize like a minimalist.

Camel Hat

Grey Hat

Angled Black Sunglasses

Gold Ring

Circle Gold Ring

Gold Bangle

We hope you found some fresh fashion inspiration!  If we inspired any OOTD's, we'd love to see them - tag us on Insta   @paradoxAnd if you want a little more female inspiration, check out this piece another young woman who inspires us, Yara Shahidi. 

We love reading and writing about the women who inspire us. If there's anyone you think we should profile next, let us know in the comments!

images from   @mija_mija on Instagram

Reece Andavolgyi
Reece Andavolgyi

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