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Celebrities Who Swear By Face Rolling

by Aishu Parsuram 2 min read

Crystal Face Roller

Here at Paradox, we’re obsessed with crystal face rollers for good reason. I mean, giving our face a quick, relaxing massage and decreasing any puffiness sounds like a win for us! We aren’t the only ones obsessed with the skin tightening effects of face rollers, a bunch of your favorite celebs are loving them too.


Keep reading for some names you just might recognize and check out what they say about face rollers. 




Met Gala Hair GIF


Whether you know Zendaya from her Disney Channel days or from her role as Rue in Euphoria, I’m sure we can all agree on how flawless her skin is. She loves her face roller so much that she’s posted about it on Snapchat emphasizing how good it feels to use.




Alicia Keys Wink GIF by The Voice


In 2016, Alicia Keys made the decision to go makeup-free indefinitely. She is still able to have amazing, glowing skin and attributes a lot of this to her skincare routine. Dotti, her makeup artist, is a huge believer in the positive effects of skincare and uses a face roller in Keys’daily routine




Kim Kardashian GIF by KUWTK


This GIF shows how Kim feels about face rollers, and we 100% agree! Face rollers are a great part of our everyday routine, and we’re glad that Kim feels the same way, especially since she and her family are some of the biggest fashion and beauty influences in the world! 




Victoria Beckham Wink GIF - VictoriaBeckham Wink Smile GIFs


We love Victoria Beckham for many reasons, one being that she loves skincare! The former Spice Girl has shared herskincare routine and says that she uses a face roller to contour the face mask she uses into her face. What a great use for this tool!





Gwyneth Paltrow uses a crystal face roller as a face massage after using a face mask. This is one of our favorite ways to use our face rollers because it’s a great way for your skin to absorb the excess contents of the mask.




Rachel Zane Usa GIF by Suits


Meghan Markle loves her face roller just as much as we do! She says that on the days she does facial exercises, she feels that her face is much more sculpted. And I mean, she is royalty, so we should probably listen to her beauty advice.




Friends Tv Thumbs Up GIF


Face rollers are Monica Geller approved! Courteney Cox loves her face roller so much, she uses it on the go (Link)! We love the idea of being able to give ourselves a quick face massage when we’re out and about!


Check out ourCrystal Face Roller today and let us know what you think of the results! 

Aishu Parsuram
Aishu Parsuram